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about company

HL-Kattor Industry Co., Ltd  is a business which focus on providing expert technological solutions for building, shipping, lifting, and launching, we take immense pride in being a visionary force that unlocks unparalleled potential for our esteemed clients. Our meticulously designed range of products and services , including ISO 9001 and CE certifications for hydraulic equipment, caters to diverse industries, harmonizing innovation with efficiency. We also have a great deal of expertise in manufacturing gantry cranes, and ship lifts which are all customized, and have supplied gantry cranes and ship lifts to shipyards and a fair amount of bridge construction projects. Our company's major products include refineries, precast beams, concrete beams, skidding systems, synchronized jacking systems, bridge deck erection gantries, and many other bridge deck erection equipment.

At HL-Kattor, our main objective is to provide top-notch goods and services while strictly complying with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Our company has revolutionized the conventional construction process and procedures, considerably increased construction safety, and created a variety of internationally renowned, yet distinctive goods. More than 30 innovation patents and several software works of scientific and technological advancements are held by "HL-KATTOR." It has been extensively employed in the engineering of roads and bridges, tall structures, ports, nuclear power, and other sectors. 

  • 2019


    Implemented an A-share market plan in accordance with the business's needs for strategic development.

  • 2018


    Awaited a share listing plan that will make the company the first heavy duty shipping and installation company in China

  • 2017


    The company's share issue plan was discussed and accepted at the general meeting of shareholders, bringing the total amount of shares outstanding to 6,744, 7964 million yuan.

  • 2016


    By issuing shares and paying the counter party cash, the company acquired 99.97% of the equity in Zhejiang Joint Construction Heavy Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The company changed its name to "HL-Kattor Industry Co., Ltd."

  • 2015


    The company was officially listed on New Third Board (offers SMEs a financial channel with lower costs and simpler listing procedures) and became a company in the same industry

  • 2014


    The company successfully developed a walking jack system. The name of the company was renamed as Wuhan Kattor Industrial Co., Ltd.

  • 2013


    With its sophisticated hydraulic three-dimensional positioning technology, the company was able to win the bid for the Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Project.

  • 2011


    The company successfully developed an automatic pushing system.
    2012-The company was awarded the Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau's "Small and Medium Enterprises" Innovation Fund award.

  • 2010


    A self-locking hydraulic jack that the company successfully designed and used in the winning project received great praises from clients.

  • 2009


    The business created and introduced a sophisticated technology known as "Electromagnetically-hydraulic integration" for the continuous and autonomous functioning of hydraulic wrenches.

  • 2008


    Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and "Wuchang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd." won the contract after the company independently issued a three-dimensional hydraulic berth bogie for the shipbuilding industry.

  • 2007


    The world's first one-time lifting of 10,000 tons of heavy products for restoration work on the Wuhan Second Yangtze River Bridge was successful, with sales of around 20 million yuan this year.

  • 2006


    With sales of 6 million yuan that year, R&D and manufacture of the first domestic industry-leading hydraulic wrench

  • 2005


    Wuhan Carter Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was officially established。

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