Intelligent Jacking Form-work Platform

Dedicated to the construction of super high-rise core


Safe & anti-fall system: All the supporting cylinder systems are designed with support system and anti-fall system

Cylinder protection: Patent box girder single box anti-fall mechanism system, cylinder self-locking device

Anti-horizontal force: Considering the influence of wind & load on the horizontal force device, a special track is designed for the peripheral frame

Fully enclosed platform: Guarantee personal safety and greatly reduces the safety of secondary transport of materials

Strong bearing capacity: single cylinder bearing capacity 450T

Convenient installation and removal: Bailey frame structure, template design, the core tube structure changes, partial removal and adduction

Elevator: The elevator can reach the operation floor of 2.5-4 floors, with a single jacking distance of 6 meters, providing more lashing

Low cost, efficient, environmental: The cost is moderate, the self-weight is relatively light, the cooperation mode is flexible, modular design, turnover, reduce cost and save time

Technical Parameter:

Displacement synchronization/positioning accuracy: 1mm/0.1-0.2mm

Number of cylinders: 2-99

Working pressure: 35Mpa

Jacking speed: 100mm/min


1. Beret truss platform system

2. Suspension system

3. Dynamic support jacking system

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